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Screenshot of the correct formula under windows Screenshot of the same file under mac Is there any way this can be fixed, without converting the formulas to images? Michael Michael 33 1 4.

MathType with Microsoft Office

Proprietary formats are hard to understand Don't you have PP for Mac? Unfortunately, there is no PP for the Mac. The latest version is PP Even in the Office suite, there is only the version included. You could also try to open it with other editor such as LibreOffice or Google Drive I doubt it will work well though. If you still have a computer with windows, try to save the file with an older format maybe with ppt instead of pptx , or even with any other format common to both , and then to open it with the Mac.

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  5. Judging from the images you've posted, you're getting font substitution. What font does the Windows version tell you it's using for the text and formula? Can you open a new presentation on the Mac side, add some text and select that same font? If not, it's a sure thing that the needed font isn't installed on the Mac system, so some other font's being substituted. There are a couple of ways to solve this: The first way recommended Assuming you have a Windows PC with PowerPoint '13 installed you need to save the document in the older compatibility mode for Office or PowerPoint The third, and final way not recommended Use a online conversion tool such as Convert Files.

    Insert a math equation into a PowerPoint for Mac presentation - PowerPoint for Mac

    Thanks a lot. The recommended way converting it to an earlier version of PP did the job. However, there is no option to save it as PP version. I did also some test with PP Here we have the same problem as with PP Formulas are damaged.

    ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Office, how do I add and use Equation Editor?

    So the only way I found is to convert it to Version PP with loosing the animation functionality. Szabolcs Szabolcs 4 17 This shortcut is already in PowerPoint: Denis Rasulev 2, 4 13 Indeed it works. But how did you figure it out? I searched for so long for this. It's not here.

    Are you aware of any documentation pages that show this shortcut? Or any other way to discover it? Your post is still the only mention I could find on the internet. I discovered the mode by accident when I was trying to do something else.

    Using color in equations in PowerPoint

    I hope they don't take it away. Lovely Microsoft.

    source This appears to work only with US keyboard layout: On my system macOS You are correct: But in the current version there is a menu item. When I originally posted this question, there was no menu item, so I could not add a shortcut this way.

    Insert a built-in equation

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    Mathematical Symbols in Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac

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