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This was a surprise actually, since the workaround of re-enabling Java 6 from Apple in It's actually a deep plist edit that needs to be done to re-enable. No intent to seem preachy at all. It's kind of a known, though, regardless of platform - the latest Java exploits are a really big concern. And I meant what I said: Why apply updates just because they're there, in any business environment,.

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Start with policy: Updates should be investigated,and tested before applied. That's not a "Mac" anything, it applies to any OS of course. If you need the older version of Java in I spoke too soon, my apologies! Apple's erred all the way to the side of extreme caution. There's good reasons for that: There are still very serious vulnerabilities for Java in the browser, being exploited in the wild. But it's sure to create problems for some people.

Again, to clarify: Apple isn't disabling Java, they're disabling the Java plugin for web-browsers.

Java Settings – Mac OS X

I strongly recommend against disabling the Xprotect mechanism. The guy I talked with at Apple agreed this was the problem; Not with the hardware, not with the software of Chrome or any other browser but with Mac coders trying to do Java scripting. I then bought Windows 7 home edition to get good Java functionality. It works fine on a Macbook Pro. Whatever Apple was thinking they could improve by taking on the scripting of Java it did not happen.

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Pretty disappointing, if you think you are buying the best machine out there. Yes No. This question is locked and replying has been disabled.

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Apple Java for OS X 10.6 Update 2

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Cmd-Y Redo. Reverses a series of Undo commands one at a time.

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Cmd-X Cut. Deletes the current selection and places it on the clipboard. Cmd-C Copy.

Installation on an older mac (OS )

Copies the current selection to the clipboard. Cmd-V Paste. Pastes the contents of the clipbard at the insert point. Delete Delete. Deletes the current selection. Cmd-E Deletes the current line. Cmd-K Copies the word preceding the insertion point and then pastes it after the insertion point the insertion point must be in the whitespace preceeding or following a word.

Press K multiple times to cycle through preceding words in succession.

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Cmd-L Copies the word following the insertion point and pastes it at the insertion point the insertion point must be located in the whitespace preceeding or following a word. Press L multiple times to cycle through consecutive following words. Cmd-Shift-G Selects the previous occurrence of the word found during the search. Cmd-F Opens the Find dialog box. Cmd-R Opens the Find and Replace dialog box. Setting Tabs Keys Action Tab Shifts all text to the right of the insertion point one tab stop to the right.

Cmd-T Shifts text in the line containing the insertion point to the right one tab stop. Cmd-D Shifts text in the line containing the insertion point to the left one tab stop.

Install Java 7 on Mac OS X 10.6

Shift-Enter Enters the text that is selected in the code completion box into your file.